Paris, France


A dream-destination for one and all, Paris is a class apart from other popular travel spots around the globe. The French capital city is a mélange of art, culture, love, fashion and food – there is something for everyone at Paris! Over the years, Paris has been described in various ways, ‘City of Love’, ‘City of Light’, and ‘City of Art’ to name a few. Whether one is visiting for a day, week or month, the majestic Eiffel Tower always tops the must-see list. The 324 metres tall tower is one of the main reasons visitors travel to France. One can’t get enough of this gorgeous masterpiece and cameras can’t stop capturing its beauty. Paris has a host of museums and prominent landmarks for tourists to explore, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre museum to name a few. And when you want to take a quick break from all the sightseeing, hop into one of the French cafes for a bite or the perfect cup of coffee!

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