Travel therapy along with a vaccine for 2021

A triple A pledge: Assuring Abidance to Adaptions for travel

“We fully understand the changes in this new era of travel. We implement and abide by all the adaptions required as a result of Covid 19 to ensure the safest travel experience in 2021 and beyond, for the travel markets we serve.”  This is the cornerstone of a pledge made by founders of Royale Orchid Tours & Holidays Inc Canada and parishioners at All Saints.

Whether it’s multi-generational families, groups, couples or solo travellers, Royale Orchid relies upon its tour and trip planning expertise, and its commitment to offering exciting, exotic and sacred destinations. From Israel to Italy, magical Mexico to the African safari, let’s plan your safe travels together.

Being under lock-down, online fatigue, social-distancing and masks on, these have become the way of 2020.  What does your travel wish look like within your bubble beyond this year?

Only God knows when we will next pack a suitcase, board a plane or a cruise ship to share a holiday, pilgrimage, honeymoon or special occasion trip abroad. Whether it is Disneyland or the Holy Land are you ready for some much-needed travel therapy for you and your family?

Royale Orchid is ready to plan prudently with you for all your safe travel needs.

Pre-departure testing, social-distanced seating and other adaptions will likely become the new norm for global tourism in the immediate future. There is clearly a necessity for travel therapy -especially now. Guiding you through it all so that you can enjoy travel safely to the many pilgrimage, adventure and family-fun destinations to choose from is what we do at Royale Orchid.

Royale Orchid successfully secured travel credits for their clients, and listened to them by shifting from cancelled trips abroad to organizing local trip itineraries. Trust is the basis of the relationship Royale Orchid offers as your partner in travel, even more so now.

We have hope indeed that we can all safely travel again soon.

We have faith in those we work with in all the countries we visit. And above all we love travel. Do you? Let’s plan your safe travels together.

About Royale Orchid

Royale Orchid Tours & Holidays is a group tour operator. Since its inception we have organized group travel / pilgrimages to Europe, Holy Land, Egypt, Jordan, the Middle East & Asia. Our tours include flights, hotels, transportation, all meals and entry fees as per itinerary. We coordinate land and air arrangements directly with the suppliers and local agents bypassing any middlemen, thus enabling us to provide excellent pricing to our clients. The tours are created based on specific needs and customized to requests of the clients however, you will find suggested programs on this website.

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